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10 eyes

A young woman's struggle to find love and sanity as she survives an abusive childhood and battles mental illness


A young couple thinks they've found paradise in the desert but something lurks below the surface

My Name is Nobody

Based on a true story, a coming of age action/drama about a man who struggles with racism, love and loss

Fire and Rain

What happens in the moments between life and death, the memories that flash before us


A movie bootlegger stumbles into a theater of murder and madness after it's taken over by a demonic hitman


After a horrific experience at their previous house The Yates relocate to a quiet private neighborhood, or so they thought


Drama, sex, relationships, murder, mob, dysfunctional childhoods. A compelling examination of the lives of five women.

Peach Cobbler

A hilarious adventure of social misunderstandings

Boyz from the Streetz

A mockumentary detailing the journey of four "ni**as from the streets" on their way to meet a big time Hollywood producer


Real Blood True Beginning Movie

A vampire story pitting good against evil. A lonely doctor tries to save the soul of a small town

85 to Ajo

After being forced out of his career and going back to a simple life he once knew, a former champion lives quietly in a small desert town near the Mexican border until an unexpected chain of events change his life forever.

Coming Soon!

My Name is Nobody

A story of dysfunction, love, co-dependency, violence, racism and discrimination, ignorance and fear

You Know It's Love When

A compilation of feelings, thoughts, poems and short stories of love, relationships and life

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